Saturday, 24 November 2012

Biozone (Part 2)

The food that we eat is not exactly like what we see
There are many hidden or silent killers namely water-soluble and fat-soluble pesticides in fruits and vegetables, antibiotics and bacteria in meats, poultry and seafood.

However, using Biozone Food Purifier
 you no longer have to worry about pesticide, chemicals, coloring and etc
using Biozone Food Purifier as one of the solution to remove all the silent/hidden killers in our daily consumed food.....
purification process using ozone technology
The traditional methods are no longer guarantee to eliminate contaminants from the food.
Soaking the fruits or vegetablesin salt solution removes bacteria but it stabilizes the chemical substances, which is bad for our consumption. 
 this is the toxin, chemicals...silent killers
  its getting thicker and sticky
  see....after 30minutes process
this bubbles cannot be burned or melted but become hard
imagine..this one accumulated in your body
 imagine if we eat chicken, meat...seafood..vegetables every single day..!!

i think almost every house require this device and beware that most of serious diseases are mainly due to foods that we eat everyday

the product now available and limited stocks at a very special introducing price...!!

All u need to do is just require a DEMONSTRATION of product from me or my business partners under my team to convince the LIVE RESULTS of this product...!!


syahida azizan


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