Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Testimonial: Slip disc

It's not for beautiful, but also for our health...

"Hi Nora, I really thank you for the PB. I only wore it for 2 months or so, but I really can feel the difference. It is really amazing, GOD!! At first I almost gave up. It was very uncomfortable at first because any wrong movement or posture, I felt a little uneasy. Then the numb (kebas) sensation on the tigh to the toe area getting worse. I almost gave up, seriously. But that discomfort only last for a day. The next day, there was no more numb and I feel better although the pain is still there. I follow your advice to wear it every day and I continously wear it every day. And now, not only my back pain gone, I am also pregnant! (She is 34-35 this yr) I havent had a baby since my first was born and now she is 7 yrs old. What a shame I cannot wear it now, but I really thanks you and GOD for sending me this MIRACLE corset."


  • PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL dah dapat pengiktirafan Chiropractor (Pakar Tulang Belakang) dari American, Canadian and Quebec;
  •  Ada 7 tetulang keluli memori (di waist nipper) yang membantu memberi support maksimum tulang belakang yang sudah lemah akibat slip disc;
  • Benefit Far Infra Red rays (FIR) yang memberi kesan pemanasan secara tidak sedar yang merawat segala kebas-kebas kesan dari urat saraf yang terhimpit oleh disc yang ter'slip' tersebut

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